What does fostering mean? Fostering means temporarily caring for an animal until they can be placed with their furever family. SWCHS relies on foster families to care for expectant moms, newborns, and seniors. Fostering provides numerous benefits to the animals, SWCHS, and to the families that foster. If you are interested in changing an animal’s future, please fill out a Foster Application!

Be Part of a Community – Fostering connects you to a whole community committed to saving animals, just like you. You can get help through the fostering process, share ideas, and can even become friends.

Save Lives – Without fostering, many animals simply could not survive. Fostering is a blessing for expectant moms by giving them a quiet place to deliver, newborns during the critical first few weeks, pets recovering from medical procedures that need more attention, and senior pets that struggle to adapt to kennel life.

More Adoptable Pets – Living with a foster family is practice for their furever home. They learn what home life should be, which can include leash training, housebreaking, and basic good behavior. These skills are attractive to potential adopters and can help place a wonderful pet with their furever home faster.

Expenses are Covered – The SWCHS supports foster animals by providing vaccinations, vet visits, and other care needs. Fostering is the next best chance, aside from adoption, that an animal has to feeling a warm loving home. These supplies come from our wonderful community who support us with donations.

Make a Better Match – Foster families get to know that pet better than anyone else and have a say in the adoption. A good match between adopter and pet is the best chance the pet has at finding the perfect furever family.

Family Involvement – Having a foster pet is a great way to get the entire family involved in volunteering and animal rescue. Children can learn responsibility, empathy, and animal behavior. Family pets can benefit from a foster by having a playmate. Fostering can be a great way to explore the idea of having a pet without immediately committing to adoption. Foster families are always considered first for adoption of their foster pet. “Foster fails” are encouraged!

Complete a Family – Helping complete a family by fostering is one of the most rewarding feelings. While saying goodbye can be tough, you can rest assured knowing that you have given them the best chance possible.

We appreciate our Foster Families for all of their hard work and daily dedication.