About Us

South Wood County Humane Society provides warm and safe shelter to around 800 stray and unwanted dogs, cats, and small animals each year. Most require vaccinations and surgical procedures; some require unique behavioral considerations, and some need life-saving medical treatment. On a daily basis our shelter provides housing and care to many animals. Our daily count of residents ranges from around 60 pets on winter days to upwards of 150 pets on summer days. Your continued support is needed and appreciated as we strive to improve the welfare of our community’s pets.

Supporting SWCHS allows our staff and volunteers to continue our mission of building a stronger bond between people and pets through education and community outreach. We provide the homeless pets in our care with necessary medical treatment and safe shelter. We promote spay and neuter programs to reduce overpopulation. We implement strong adoption programs to ensure that our furry companions have the opportunity to live in a loving home.

SWCHS is not equipped to accept or lend assistance to wildlife.

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, Division of Animal Health, Dog Seller License Number 268242


  • Dog surrender intakes are waitlisted!

    At this time, SWCHS does not have the kennel capacity to immediately accept personal canine surrenders. SWCHS currently has capacity only to accept stray canines from our specific service areas within Wood County Wisconsin. Please be kind, patient, and understanding with staff as we are experiencing an increased number of abandoned and unclaimed pets and do not…

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  • At Capacity for Feline Surrenders! Surrender requests are waitlisted.

    At this time, SWCHS does not have the kennel capacity for personal feline surrenders. SWCHS still accepts stray felines from our specific service areas within Wood County Wisconsin. Please be kind, patient, and understanding with staff as we work to get our current feline residents adopted to open up more kennel space. Please be kind,…

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  • Holiday Light Recycling

    If you happen to have any holiday lights that are damaged/broken, we’d love to take them and recycle them! The South Wood County Humane Society has a large red dumpster outside of our facility. Feel free to swing by anytime and dispose of your lights there. By recycling your lights with us, you are supporting…

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  • Walk-Throughs

    We are allowing cat room walkthroughs at this time, no appointment needed. If you are interested in meeting dogs, you must first fill out an adoption application . After we review the application and make a list of dogs with matching home needs we will contact you to schedule appointments. For the wellbeing and needs…

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