South Wood County Humane Society’s caring and dedicated staff are here to serve our communities stray and unwanted animals.

Executive Director – Bridget Chariton


I joined the Humane Society in 2012 and truly enjoy watching all the happy tails leave our shelter for new forever homes. Roscoe, my 7 year old Beagle came from the Humane Society’s Pepper location and I also have four cats, Mason, Josie, Penny and Gus. Two human girls and a loving husband complete my family. If you haven’t visited the Humane Society in a while I welcome you to stop by. There are so many exciting things happening around our Shelter and we would love to show you around!



Pet Care Coordinator – Beth Peabody

beth-fannyI started at the Humane Society in 2006! I have seen everything from 98 surrendered puppy mill dogs to a stray, standoffish German Shepherd, who now lives on a 200+ acre ranch spoiled by horses and children. I have chased down dogs in the freezing cold and tried to capture a crane with an arrow through its belly on the hottest day. I wouldn’t change a thing! I live with 5 dogs, Tank our 9 year old Great Dane, Dakota our 11 year old Newfoundland mix, Trixie our 3 legged 9 year old Shiba Inu, Laddie our 4 year old Scottish Terrier mix and of course, Maggie our 6 year old West Highland Terrier. We also have 6 cats that range from our oldest at 13 years to the youngest of 3 years. I am forever grateful and honored to be part of this amazing place and I hope you will stop by the shelter and witness the magic that is South Wood County Humane Society.


Front Office Manager – Joelle Beder

joellepictureSince I was little, I have always wanted to work in a humane society. In 2013 I began working at a shelter as an animal caregiver and have stayed in this industry ever since. I absolutely love coming to work every day and watching my favorite animals find their forever loving homes. At home, I have a 2-year-old Bulldog mix named Popeye and a 3-year-old Siamese named Kira, both adopted from a humane society. I could not imagine my life without my pets, and if you feel the same I encourage you to stop by and see who we have for adoptable pets. If you are unable to adopt please consider fostering, volunteering or donating. Every little bit helps!


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