South Wood County Humane Society’s caring and dedicated staff are here to serve our communities stray and unwanted animals.


Executive Director – Beth Peabody

I started at the Humane Society in 2006! I have seen everything from 98 surrendered puppy mill dogs to a stray, standoffish German Shepherd, who now lives on a 200+ acre ranch spoiled by horses and children. I have chased down dogs in the freezing cold and tried to capture a crane with an arrow through its belly on the hottest day. I wouldn’t change a thing! I live with my husband and 6 dogs. A Great Dane (Tank), German Shepherd (Max), Swiss Shepherd (Liza), Australian Shepherd (Kiwi), German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix (Loki) and West Highland Terrier (Miss Maggie Mae) and 7 cats of all different ages. (Popeye, Elliot, Sloth, Philleepe, Rosie, Squirt and Red Bull.  All of mu animals are rescues and I am humble my each of there stories and achievements they have overcome.  I am forever grateful and honored to be part of this amazing place and I hope you will stop by the shelter and witness the magic that is South Wood County Humane Society.




Community Outreach and Volunteer Services Coordinator-Megan Beck

Hi! My name is Megan and I am the Community Outreach and Volunteer Services Coordinator at South Wood County Humane Society. I started at the shelter in September of 2019 and have been an avid animal lover since I can remember! I grew up in Shawano, Wisconsin and went to school at UW-Oshkosh for a Bachelor of Science in Communications. Since starting, my favorite part of coming to work everyday is seeing the amazing support the community has for the shelter. We have amazing volunteers, staff, donors, supporters, and sponsors that make me excited to be a part of this organization and community!





Animal Care Director – Katilyn Haasl

Hi! My name is Katilyn Haasl. I started at the South Wood County Humane Society in 2015, working mostly in the dog room. At the time I was studying to complete my Veterinary Technician Certification, and it didn’t take me long to find that my passion and calling in life was caring for the homeless animals at the shelter. Since completing my certification, I’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything at the shelter! I truly enjoy the ins and outs of shelter medicine and working with the individual animals to keep them happy and healthy while they wait for their forever homes. When I’m not at the shelter, I enjoy spending my time with my husband, daughter, and four dogs.




Front Office Coordinator – Nicole Pfahning

I am a lifelong Wisconsin Rapids native. I have always had a very strong passion for animals. Throughout the years, my family has adopted three dogs and one cat from the South Wood County Humane Society. Between my family and myself, we have four dogs (a dachshund/terrier, two golden doodles, and a golden retriever) and four cats (domestic short hairs). I hope that in my role at the Humane Society, I can help these loving animals find their forever homes and bring happiness to the families that take them home.




Kennel Manager – Jessie Shearier

I have always loved animals! When I was 13 I began volunteering at the South Wood County Humane Society. After life took me down another path, I found myself back at SWCHS. Animals have always been my passion and I couldn’t be happier to be back. After 1 year of working in dog room, I accepted the position of Kennel Manager and have also begun classes to become a certified dog trainer. At home I live with my daughter, 2 German Shepherds (Elsa & Eve), 1 Collie/Staffordshire Terrier mix (Patch-Rick) and 3 cats (Squirtle, Sprout & Umbreon). If you are looking for something to do on a nice day or looking to adopt a dog, stop in and see me!





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