South Wood County Humane Society’s caring and dedicated staff are here to serve our communities stray and unwanted animals.


Front Office Coordinator – Nicole Pfahning

I am a lifelong Wisconsin Rapids native. I have always had a very strong passion for animals. Throughout the years, my family has adopted three dogs and one cat from the South Wood County Humane Society. Between my family and myself, we have four dogs (a dachshund/terrier, two golden doodles, and a golden retriever) and four cats (domestic short hairs). I hope that in my role at the Humane Society, I can help these loving animals find their forever homes and bring happiness to the families that take them home.




Kennel Manager-Rebecca Wachowiak

I have lived in central Wisconsin my entire life, and have always been a huge animal enthusiast. I grew up with many different animals, and have owned everything from a scorpion, lizards, mice, birds, cats and dogs. Currently I have my dog (Australian Shepard mix), 2 cats, bearded dragon, leopard gecko and 2 fish tanks. After pursuing a degree in zoology, it became apparent to me that my passion has always been dogs. I became a certified dog trainer (which I still am) and was dog training for 3 years. I am now the Kennel Manager here at SWCHS, and am over joyed at the opportunity to be able to help dogs find their forever homes!








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