Edgar Rainbow Bridge


“Everyone is taught that angels have wings, but the lucky ones find they have paws.”



It is never easy when our loved ones cross the Rainbow Bridge. In honor of Edgar, whose unconditional love changed a boy’s life forever, we dedicate this page to pay tribute to the impact SWCHS alumni had on their furever family.

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Miracle aka Miricle aka wiggle wobble butt's Story
Miracle aka Miricle aka wiggle wobble butt

First, Thank you SWCHS and the vets for never giving up on him when he was almost dying when he came in.

Miricle was found unable to stand covered in sores. His immune system shut down caused by ticks. He had large patches of fur missing due to a parasite. He was starving and on the verge of death. Nobody thought the poor guy would make it through the night. His situation was unstable. I was told they almost lost him a few times. When he made it, they named him Miracle.
He became an unofficial mascot for the humane society. They set up the Miracle Fund for him. Restraunts donated hamburger and rice bc he wouldnt eat dog food. People would stop to see how he was doing.
When I walked in to the SWCHS, this skinny sad looking excuse for a dog walked up to me. His whole body was wagging. He was just the happiest guy. I said I would foster him, no commitment. It was a total foster fail. There was no way he was going back. He became my best friend. We traveled all over together. We had lazy days. He would get so excited when we got about a mile from grandmas house. He loved to swim. Getting him to stay out of the sun was near impossible. And his frog legs, I love his frog legs.
Friends, he had so many friends. People just loved him.- (my dad asked why i got a pit bull, they are terrible dogs.i said wait till you meet him. I dropped him off there and I walked in the house to get him three days later, Miricle is sitting on my dad's lap in the recliner. Dad had totally changed his mind about pit bulls) I have so many stories how he changed people's minds and not only was he a pit but he was a black pit bull. The two types of dogs discriminated most wrapped in one. And every animal he met he got along with. He couldn't get enough of the dog park. He had friends all over.
He loved to cuddle. Not on the blankets but under them. Tucked behind my knees as close as could be.
He was my best friend. He help me through some really bad times. And I will never ever forget him. He will always have that special spot in my heart. I still say goodnight to him every night to this day.
he went to the vet. They kept him over night for observation. She said there wasn't anything she could do. I needed a second opinion. So he saw another vet. She said same thing. We went on one more road trip to grandmas to say goodbye, his body still wagging even though he was getting weak.
His lyme ticks caught up to him. And it happened quick, like 5 days from the first sign to the end. His legs started to get weaker. His liver was failing. I took him back to the vet and held him in my lap telling him he wasn't alone and I loved him as he crossed that rainbow bridge on February 2, 2017.

I love you Miricle. I didn't get enough time with you! But you have your high hops back now. And I know you are watching over Halo and me.

~ Lori