We love to hear about the happy endings that take place after a SWCHS alumni has found his or her furever home. To submit your pet’s Happy Tail, please fill out the Happy Tails Submission Form. Stories may be featured on our website or Facebook page.

Recent Happy Tails

Gomez Addams
I couldn't figure out what to get my husband for Christmas. He has always said he would like to get a cat, again. I put this on my list of things for him. I love Siamese. I looked for a rescue, but Gomez, at the time, "Dipstick," popped up. I was instantly in love. I sent the pictures to my husband and within seconds I got back a, "YES!" He has had a few health issues, but they are now all fixed. Read More... ~ Michelle and Terry Miles
Tiny (name stayed the same)
In a search for a furry friend for someone else, I came across Tiny. I called a local pet store (Companion Shop in downtown Steven's Point) and I was informed they only 1 had cat for adoption at that time that had come from SWCHS. When I heard him meowing through the phone I had to meet him that day. So I went down, met the little guy, and instantly fell in love. He even stamped his own adoption Read More... ~ Kellin Cortes
I adopted Simba on his 11th birthday in March of 2020. Couldn't ask for a better friend. So smart and so well behaved. Definitely not a mistake adopting him. ~
Adopted Sarge on January 12, 2021. He became the companion for my older cat Rowdy. Sarge also met my Brittany/Crocker Spaniel Ben. Sarge and the dog took a day to become buddies. My older cat Rowdy. Sarge took about a week. He has become a family member like he's always been with us. Loves my granddaughter and my body pillow. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO. I've made sure Read More... ~ Dawn Matson
adopted Simba March 13th 2020 on his 11th birthday. Excellent dog. Very smart very energetic loves rides and walking. He can walk 2 miles but needs a long nap afterwards. Just a big sweetheart. ~ Mark
Scruffy (Ginger at SWCHS) & Duchess (Buffy at SWCHS)
We had to put our former cat down in 2014 after her living with us for 18 years. We put off getting a "fur baby" to replace her until we were sure we were ready to allow another pet to take her place. During the 6 years that followed, we took time to get our "kitty fix" by giving some love to the cats that were at SWCHS. We loved visiting, playing with, and holding the cats that they had (and Read More... ~ D.D.
Gypsy(previously Silica)
I adopted Gypsy a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier! She is sweet, snuggly and so very smart! She has apparently had some advanced obedience training and is very well behaved. My plan is to have her certified as a therapy dog so she can become my coworker. She is going to bring a lot of joy to the people I care for. I can’t wait for classes to resume! ~ Ella
Daisy (formally known as Katie) & Hank (formally known as Ward)
We adopted Daisy about 2 years ago when I first moved up to Central Wisconsin from Chicago. My fiance wanted to make sure I had a buddy when he traveled for work. I looked online and thought I knew exactly which dog I was going to home with, that was until I saw Daisy. Daisy was about 9 months old when I saw her with her paws up on her kennel door looking straight at me. This little energetic ball Read More... ~ Heather & Brad
Pawsanova turned Leo. We needed an indoor outdoor mouser and he needed a home that would also let him roam. It’s the perfect fit!! And he’s turned into quite the snuggle bug! ~ Angie
Drax captured our hearts 2yrs now....many treats later he is my 120lb shadow. He is loyal, loving and loved by so many. He even became an advertising pro with a company that produces car roof top gear carriers (Trunx) This picture was taken this morning on our favorite walking route on the River Front in Wausau (7.29.20) ~ John
Meeka (Formally Gobstopper)
I adopted Meeka (formally named Gobstopper) in 2014 after the passing of my 19 year old cat. I was really hoping for a cuddly cat and he instantly hugged my neck and started purring. I knew he was the one for me! Turns out he fooled me and he rarely likes to cuddle, but he is the best cat! He loves to eat, sleep, and play in boxes! He can also be a little strange, as seen in the photo, but Read More... ~ Megan B
Malone was very shy and quiet at first, but is adjusting so well to his new home and routine. It has now been over a week and he is the perfect new member of our family! He loves to chew on his toys and his favorite treat is Greek yogurt. He is so sweet to anyone he meets and will turn anyone into a dog lover. He was absolutely so excited to be reunited with his sister Pippin (which my sister Read More... ~ Britt
Weasley (Was Bazooka Joe) and Rory (was River)
We adopted Weasley and Rory in September 2019. We have a friend who volunteers at the humane society and we went there with her to help film a video for a cat sale they were having. While there I saw Weasley and fell in love with him instantly. Weasley is blind and Rory was kind of his seeing eye companion so we got them both. They’re both doing amazing! Weasley gets around just fine! And doesn’t Read More... ~ Angela
Peanut  formerly Angelina
Peanut stole our hearts the second we laid eyes on her. The grandkids picked her name and it fits perfectly. She is our 5lb sassy, sweet, princess! She enjoys sleeping under any blanket laying around and especially enjoys cuddling under the covers all night with us at bedtime. She is best friends with our Pug, Reggie and our newest addition, a kitten named Midnight. The grandkids adore her Read More... ~ Greg & Greg
In February of 2020 I was visiting the humane society and I met a sweet little kitty named Okie. I learned that he has a neurological disorder that affects the part of his brain that communicates with his legs, so he has some trouble walking. From the first moment I picked him up and he laid his head on my shoulder and started purring, he stole my heart. After doing research and really thinking Read More... ~
Monster (formerly Pugsly)
We adopted Pugsly in 2017 right after we bought our first house. We soon after named him Monster because of all the funny noises he makes (all pug owners will understand, haha) He was 11 years old when we got him, and he just turned 14 in June! He is showing no signs of slowing down and is as healthy as ever. We love him so much and can’t picture our lives without him! I hope everyone reading this Read More... ~ Megan M.
Mia (previously Sweatpea)
Mia has definitely captured all of the hearts in our family. She has warmed up to our two older cats (we call them grandpas) and gives them a run for their money. Her favorite toy is all of the toy mice she hides around the house. She absolutely loves curling up on a fuzzy blanket. Her favorite place to be is riding on your shoulders. Mia is a curious girl and is always found getting into Read More... ~
Doc currently 11yrs old...I adopted him when he was 7...lived at the humane society for 2yrs...we were a perfect fit...he needed to be the only animal in the house...is dog an Vet aggressive..but I work well with him..to keep everyone safe...loves people an kids. Doc is my buddy..I live alone an he is great company. ~ Movita Rodriguez
Losing my cat on June 1st left a void in my heart. After all he was a rescue from SWCHS 12 years ago. Once my eyes cleared from crying, I set an appointment to find our next family member. Raja was my choice in an instant. She has adjusted well and we love her so much. Thank you to the staff. ~
Since bringing Hans(RJ) home in January he has settled right into his new house. Getting into everything. Snuggling. Eating things he’s not suppose to. Sleeping all day. Chasing bugs. Meowing at the birds. He just recently became a big brother as my human parents brought home a new kitten. ~
Honeybelle, formerly Wisteria
Adopted 2017 ~ Robin Ireland and sister Tracie Griffith
This is Lilly. Lilly wants to show you her Kong. Lilly's Kong is like her dolly, and she loves it. She never chews her Kong, and doesn't let anyone else touch her Kong. She just likes to carry her Kong around and show it off. She is very proud of her Kong. If you ever see Lilly with her Kong be sure to tell her how impressed you are of her Kong, she love people praising her Kong. ~
Anna (Betty)
Beautiful cat! ~ Alli
Boomer and I both had our share of heartache late last year. After reading that he unexpectedly lost his owner, I knew that we had to see if we might be a fit for his new furever home. He spends his days sleeping in, taking leisurely walks, rough-housing with his two younger sisters and trying to befriend the cat (I think he'll eventually win.) Boomer was recently diagnosed with Cushing's Read More... ~ Katy B
Stinker ( name at shelter Carson aka Hot Dog)
We had to say goodbye to our 19 year old cat in July 2020 and in August I decided that I had to much love so decided to make a visit to the shelter. On my 2nd visit we found Carson( now called Stinker) . Didn’t take him long to get adjusted to his new surroundings and learned quickly how to get what he wants and become very spoiled. He loves getting his constant attention ~ Amy P
Cupid Nicole
Cupid Nicole is a charming kitty who was listed as Cordelia at SWCHS in 2012. Three was an abundance of cats and I had no idea how I was going to chose my furever friend. I knelt down to look at a cat. Suddenly from behind me there was a humming trilling sound. I turned around and looked at a gorgeous calico looking at me. She was laying upside down with all four of her legs up in the air. When Read More... ~
Mona formerly Sabine
In 2015 as I was volunteering at SWCHS I met Sabine. I adopted her because she is beautiful and cuddly. I was going to name her Marla but she did not respond to it. I came up with Mona and she seemed to like that name. ~
Dahlia. (Aka Petal)
Daliah joined our family July 30th of this year. Since joining the family she’s been up North camping, eating treats, getting lots of love from the kids and running crazy with her doggy siblings. She’s the perfect addition to our home and is such a mild mannered girl. Our inside cats don’t even mind her, that is until she tries to play swat them! My son was not a dog person until he met her, which Read More... ~ Cornette Family
Lola-Cocoa, Nikie Sylvester (Previous cantus)
We adopted Lola-Cocoa( previous cocoa) and Nikie (previous Cantus) in July. They have joined our 13year pup in the household. Lola was a little challenge at first, very timid, she has learned that this is her home and now she is friendly, comfortable and such a sweetheart. As the picture shows. Nikie has adapted well with his 2 doggy sisters, now everyone is a big family. Thank you to the staff Read More... ~ Bobbi & Ricky
Olove joined our family as a cuddly energetic 8 week old puppy. She is so sweet and loves to meet new people. She likes to play with her big sister Dakota, go for rides, and cuddle. Olove makes everyday fun! We look forward to many more adventures with her. ~
Mel has been with us about a month now, and life couldn't be more perfect! Her big brother Rowdy and big sis Faith (both SWCHS rescues) welcomed their new little sis just great! Our family is now more complete than ever. Everyone who meets her, falls in love instantly. ~ Megan
We got the privilege of bringing Rosie home about 2 months ago. It was about a two week process of doing meet and greets with her at the shelter with our 2 kids and our 1 year old Great Dane, Zeus. But it was worth every trip there. We could not be happier with how amazing Rosie is. She is the biggest cuddle bug and follows us everywhere. She loves chasing all of our cats throughout the house, and Read More... ~
I adopted Daisy (aka Shella) yesterday. She is adjusting to her new home well, and is very affectionate. She has claimed her position as "queen of the castle". Thank you very much. ~
I wanted to share an updated on one of the kittens my family purchased roughly 10-12 years ago. We weren't planning on buying a kitten this day, but this sweet little girl clung to my mom and wouldn't let go. Our whole family fell in love with her instantly and we are so happy to share that she is still with us to this day. She's brought us many many years of happiness and we will still have Read More... ~
I adopted Carl from the Oneida County Humane Society after he spent time at the SWCHS! He is loving his forever home in St. Paul, Minnesota! He was shy at first, but once he came out of his shell he proved to be a vocal, chatty companion! He loves attention and treats, and is very food driven. He even has his own Instagram account @goodcatcarl! Though it took some time to adjust to his new Read More... ~
This past September we fell in love with Scarlet’s online profile immediately and wanted to meet her. When visiting, we spent some time with her and took her for a walk around the shelter. She did not seem that interested in us at all and only cared about her walk, which we expected. A week later we took her home. We let her get familiar with the place and invited her to sit on the couch with us. Read More... ~
Cashmandu (Cash) formally Oscar
We adopted Cash in September 12, 2013. We had filled out a request for a dachshund mix to adopt. We received a call from the shelter saying I best come look at this sweetheart. I filed adoption papers that day! Cash has filled the lives of everyone he meets with love ❤️ and laughter. Thank you SWCHS! He is LOVED!! ~


Sharing a picture of Lily just before we went for a walk.  She is the snuggliest dog I have ever known!  Last night she wiggled under the covers and slept with her head resting on my ankles. She makes me laugh out loud several times a day – her snore is especially hilarious!!!  She is super sweet and super smart.  My Lucas is a very tolerant big brother and shares my bed with her.  He sets a very good example for her when we go on walks.  Lily is already adored by my next door neighbors and has successfully met (and played with!) a few male dogs.  We’ve not done any interacting with females yet as I don’t want her to have any setbacks.  All has been SO positive, and there is no need to rush introductions of the neighborhood female tailwaggers!  Lily spent the entire day in her new crate while I was at work yesterday – no messes whatsoever, not even pee!  No chewing up the bedding or stuffed toys I put in the crate for her.  Amazing!


copperI adopted Copper over 2 1/2 years ago from SWCHS. She is a very loving, snuggling, needing to be part of the action kind of dog and such a happy addition to my life! I am so thankful I went to SWCHS that day and we found one another! Posted 11/8




bogart-homeMy wife and I wanted to adopt a dog, and found one on the website we were interested in. When we got there, we found that another couple had already put an application on him. We went back to the kennels to see the other dogs. And there we saw him. Sitting patiently at his gate, quietly looking up at us was Bogart. We took him out for a test walk and quickly became smitten. He was energetic, inquisitive, and couldn’t stop jumping up to lick Tara and I with excitement. We immediately adopted him. Ever since, I’ve come home from work to his tail furiously wagging and happy face. We’ve had so many quiet nights at home on the couch watching a hockey game. He’s made our family complete! Posted 11/8


We adopted Gavin in 2010 at the age of 5. He has been the best addition to our lives so far. He’s the biggest ham, the naughtiest hound dog, and loves to be in on all the action. He demands walks and food and has more personality than any dog I’ve met yet. Our favorite is when he snorts at us as if laughing-it happens way too often to be coincidence. For being an old man, he acts like such a puppy. We are so happy we were able to adopt him. Posted 11/9

macWe adopted Jager in 2012 to be a brother to our other hound Gavin. He’s shy and timid around people he doesn’t know, but isn’t afraid to use his voice when he’s excited. He’s the biggest snuggler and craves our attention and cuddles all the time. He loves”hunting” rabbit and deer and taking long walks in the woods. Posted 11/9




maxMax came into our life and changed it completely. We have another dog, Zoe, a beagle, (14) who we adopted from SWCHS as well, and our cat, Coco, (10) another SWCHS alumni. Max is about 6-7 years old, but he acts like a puppy. He got along tremendously with Zoe and Coco, and loves to play with them. But what he loves most of all is cuddling. Max believes he is a smaller dog than he is, and will jump on your lap like a 50 pound surprise! He loves to be pet and be cuddled and falls asleep very easily. Unlike many dogs, Max loves to be hugged and is a huge attention hog. (luckily he and Zoe get a lot of attention from us) Max is like a big, snoring angel that came into our lives when we needed him most. Posted 11/9


abbeyWhen we started our journey to add a dog to our family, we knew we wanted to adopt from a shelter/humane society. When we walked into SWCHS, the staff was so helpful. They asked what we were looking for in a dog but, they stressed – “Always keep your heart open, as the dog will pick you”. We’re so glad that we listened to that advice as Abbey sure picked us. We like to say she filled a hole in our hearts that we didn’t even realize we had. She is truly a part of our family and even though we’ve only had her for a couple of years – we can’t remember what our life was like before her and we can’t imagine what life would be like without her. Thank you so much SWCHS! Posted 11/9


black-labI went to SWCHS to adopt a dog I saw on the website. She had already been adopted. I looked at the other dogs and saw Apollo. I immediately fell in love with her scrunchy face and curly tail. I took her out in the run area where she was a blur as she ran around. She was scared when I first got her home. She wouldn’t go up the stairs. That was 12 years ago. Apollo is such a sweet, silly and super smart girl. So blessed to have adopted my BFF (Best Furry Friend)! Posted 11/9



texAdopted Tex in 2014 He is a Chihuahua Pomeranian mix(white) and 6 years old. We also have a pug poodle terrier mix (white) and in May we adopted a Dachshund Pomeranian mix (brown). Tex had Glaucoma and is blind in one eye but gets around fine. They all get along fine. Posted 11/10




autumnI fostered Autumn while the floors were being redone at SWCHS. She was so shy and withdrawn that I didn’t know if she would ever come out of her shell. Well, it took a while but eventually she warmed up to my Gabbie and Graycie, so needless to say, I had to keep her. Then within days of adopting Autumn, I coaxed a beautiful white stray kitten out of a wood pile. Of course, she also needed a loving home and Autumn took to her immediately. They are inseparable and I couldn’t be happier for them. Posted 11/10



miloMilo was surrendered to the SWCHS twice in less than one year of his life. He started out with some heavy separation anxiety. A full year later he is the best dog and just a ball of energy. Milo is such a sweetie and very intelligent. He has a knack for turning a bad day around. I love that little guy! Posted 11/15




sirWe were looking for another kitty to keep our Watson (reddish kitty) some company while we were both at work. We fostered Sir Bufferton (blondish one) and decided that his wildness and love of play would be a good fit. Now Sherlock doesn’t let Watson out of his sights. They love to play but most of the time they are cuddling! Where one goes, the other follows. Posted 11/15



Whenever I visit to bring in donations I visit the cat room. Twice I was “chosen” when I was not even looking to bring home a new furry friend. Grandpa and Phoenix are both seniors. Phoenix was near death when the Angels at SWCHS took her in. They have both been wonderful additions to the family and I love them to pieces. Senior cats are wonderful and I am so happy they chose me to be their friend. Posted 11/15