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Upcoming Event – Night Golf

Upcoming Event – Vaccine & Microchip Clinic

*Update for Vaccine Clinic – The Vaccine and Microchip Clinic is coming up pretty soon, and we are working our hardest to make sure the event is as safe as possible. With Governor Evers’ new Mask Mandate in place, everyone must wear a mask while in the building (Grand Rapids Lions Club). We are working hard to ensure that our community is safe during this time. Thank you so much for your consideration!*
On August 15th from 9am-12pm, join us at the Lions Club for affordable vaccines and microchips for your furry other half! We will be partnering with Adams Marquette Veterinary Service in order to make sure your pet is up to date on their vaccines!
Rabies, Distemper, Microchip Package = $40
Rabies 1 Year = $20
Rabies 3 year = $25
*must bring current vaccination certificate*
Distemper = $15
Microchip = $15
*Dogs must be leashed and cats must be in their carriers*
In order to keep the community safe, we will be maintaining social distancing. We will be taking the CDC recommendations and applying them to a new process this year. Stay tuned for an update on the new process!
Any questions? Please contact SWCHS at 715-423-0505 or

Upcoming Event – Membership & Supply Drive

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