Friday night SWCHS was contacted by Wood County Dispatch asking if staff would be available to help with a car accident that had a dog in the car at the time. Driver and passenger were Life Linked to Marshfield ICU in critical condition. SWCHS’s Animal Recovery Specialists sprang into action and got to the scene within minutes. There were hard working first responders, police, and fire fighters assessing the dogs breathing, heart rate, and monitoring any fluid buildup. Once on the scene, we were able to assess the dog with the help of some local fire fighters and first responders. The dog was badly injured and needed help immediately. No one at that time was sure if she was going to survive.

SWCHS Staff got back into the van; one driving and one holding the dog on her lap. With adrenaline pumping the entire time, we sped off to Paw Health Network to get this very injured dog help. Her face and eyes were swollen and bloody. Her body was in shock. Her breathing was very quick and shallow, followed by a very increased heart rate. She was stiff, barely moved a muscle, and hardly made a sound. The entire drive was full of worry and wonderment of how severe the injuries really were. We didn’t know her name, her age, or who her owners were. We were worried, emotional, and bloody. All we could do in that moment was get her the help she needed and try to comfort her during the drive.

Upon arrival at Paw Health Network, the vets and staff members were ready for us and sprang into action immediately. We waited around for a long time as the vets at Paw Health Network examined her. She was deemed “moderately unstable”. The next 18-36 hours were the most crucial for her. She stayed the night with Paw Health Network and staff was able to go home for the night. The next day, the owner’s parents contacted us and told us her name – Anna.

 Let’s fast forward to Sunday. After being in touch with Paw Health Network all weekend, it was decided that Anna was stable enough to go home. We went back to pick her up and were told exactly what her injuries were. Anna has a small tear in her bladder and the left side of her face is partially paralyzed due to severe head trauma. Neurological issues at this time are unknown until she is able to make a full recovery. At that time we didn’t know if she was going to walk out of the vet or if she would need to be carried. To our amazement, SHE WALKED OUT! We have it on video and it will be in the post below. After we picked Anna up, we took her home where she can finish her recovery with family.

 Anna’s medical bill is $2627.79. We know that times are hard for everyone right now, but we are looking for help to raise money so SWCHS can pay the bill for Anna’s journey. If you are able to donate, please make sure that it is stated somewhere on the donation “Anna’s Medical Journey”. All money raised will go directly to Anna’s medical bill. Anna is extremely lucky to be alive, but still has a ways to go in her recovery. We would like to thank the wonderful departments that stepped up to help during this devastating situation. Thank you to Grand Rapids Police Department, Grand Rapids Fire Department, Grand Rapids First Responders, Wood County Sheriffs, Wood County Rescue, Wisconsin Rapids Police Department, United Ambulance, Life Link, and of course the Paw Health Network.


Anna’s Journey