We would like everyone to meet Minerva. Minerva came to us as a surrender with some health issues. She had some pretty nasty bladder stones forming within her and was in a lot of pain which needed to be solved quickly. Her pain level got to the point to where she stopped eating and was having a hard time going to the bathroom. We were able to get Minerva in for a Cystotomy where all the stones would be removed. Surgery went well and she is back at the shelter for her recovery process. We are looking to raise funds to help cover the costs of Minerva’s medical care. If you are interested in donating to help her out and other animals like her, please use the donation button below or see our website. Any donations past the amount needed will be used for other animals in need of medical care.
To help fund animals like Minerva, consider donating. Your tax deductible contribution is always appreciated!