Hi it’s Melanie with my weekly update. Since my eye surgery my Entire LIFE has Changed!  I can now enjoy playing with my Squeaky White ball for the first time, watching that vacuum thingy clean the floors every morning (I’m no longer scared of it anymore because I can SEE IT!) and for the first time Every I got to see a Bushy Grey Squirrel drink from the bird bath, I would like to go on but… my foster mom said I had to keep things short!  Needless to say I have my Puppyhood back and I’m working on catching up for lost time.

Earlier this week I walked up to the Big Blue and Silver door at All Care Animal Hospital with my body held high excited to see what lied beyond that big door.  I was greeted by my favorite vet tech Tara and I played around with the house cats while I waited. I was ushered into the exam room to get my stitched removed from both eyes without any sedation. That was not fun but I was super brave and Tara gave me peanut butter on a fancy stick afterwards. Dr. Rasmussen looked at my eyes and saw an ulcer growing in the right corner of my eye.  Ugh more meds for me… I also have a little thing called a UTI (urinary track infection) due to all the stress I have been under. From leaving the love of my life, a short stay at the shelter, then into my foster family’s home, then eye surgery…. Yup my poor little body has been under some whopping stress.  Yup you guested it more meds for me along with another round of dewormer meds. I go back on May 23rd to be spay and probably my second eye surgery pending on my healing. Doctor said my eyes looked so much better but that it was the Worst case of Entropion he has ever seen and there were a few areas he wanted to keep an eye on. I have two more weeks of healing before I go back again. The picture of me in the Van is My Happy Look after those itchy stiches got removed.

Another great Big Milestone happened. My foster mom was on the phone talking and got up from her chair and went to the Patio door to let me out. She called my name from inside the house and low and behold I met her on the Deck Outside!  I learned how to use the dog doors All By Myself!!!  I’m such a Smart Little Girl Now that I can SEE.

I’m so unbelievably grateful for SWCHS for having such a wonderful foster program to allow sick animals like me to be in a peaceful home while we are recovering from surgery. Thank you everyone for your kind donations to help support all my medical treatments and others like me.

If you’re interested in a fun loving 8 month old puppy that can See now and is eager to learn please fill out an application. Though I’m not on the web site yet, for adoption you can still fill out an application and speak with my foster mom on the phone. She would love to tell you all about my great personality. I would Love a new home Soon so when I’m ready to leave foster care that I can go directly to my new forever home and bypass the shelter.

Hugs and Kisses

P.S. I also got a bath that was loads of fun! I’ll tell you that story next time. I promised to keep it short.

Melanie with white ball Melanie with Roomba Melanie with vet cat Melanie with vet tech Melanie in vehicle Melanie training


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May 9, 2019 Melanie Update